Adding A Touch of Colour to the Garden

Last year, my gardens were full and green but it still felt like something was missing from them. So this year, I put emphasis on adding extra colour to the gardens.

I like to plan every detail of my gardens but this year, I took the make it up as I go approach. There were lessons learned with certain plants of spacing but overall, the addition of colour was successful.

To choose which flowers I would add to the garden, I used two criteria: do I like the look and would the bees enjoy the flower?

A few of the added flowers were edible but many are just for show.

These burning ember marigolds are all coming from the same plant! I love the variations and these will definitely be back next year.

I learned that growing snapdragons is not one of my strengths but I do love the shape of the flowers so I will continue to grow them.

These dahlias have been a favourite this year. It took a while for them to grow and blossom but they have consistently had flowers in bloom since. Definitely a staple piece I enjoy.

Gladiolus. I find the palate of these flowers stunning. Each scape has 11 or 12 flowers which make them a tower of beautiful bee food.

Next year, I hope to find some more colours to add to this collection.

Nothing beats a classic sunflower – except for a giant sunflower! This year, I have both. The giant mammoth sunflower stands just shy of 10 feet tall and continues to grow. The heads of these flowers are rumoured to be around 12inches in diameter.

I currently have four giant mammoths growing and the one pictured below is a double stalk/double header. It is currently my staple piece in the large raised beds.

Bloody mary nasturtiums have been a market staple throughout the summer. We include them in all of our salad greens mixes as they have a slight peppery flavour which complements the salad nicely.

This is our main flower bed for the bees. Last year, we planted marigolds in this bed and forgot to deadhead. As such, this year we got a see of marigolds. We will not make that mistake this year.

Also featured here are lillies, which are slowing being outgrown by more giant mammoths. And in the front, we have our lavender supply.

The final flower on display today are the giant pansies. The pansy has always been a favourite flower of mine so naturally it was one of the first to be added. I also learned that it is edible so they have been added to salads and breakfast platters!

I hope these give you some ideas of what you can add to your garden! I truly believe that a healthy flower population is crucial for any type of garden as it be attract more pollinators.


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