Recipe: Quick Garden Salsa

Nothing beats a quick garden snack on a warm day or a bit of heat on a cool day. This summer, I have been enjoying a garden salsa that takes two minutes to make!

The recipe is simple: add 1-2 large tomatoes, 1 small onion (or 1/3 of a large onion), and your favourite hot peppers (I have been adding 2 ring of fire peppers) into a food processor. Turn on high until your ingredients are chopped into the appropriate size.

If you want to make salsa but do not own a food processor, you still can enjoy this tasty treat! Get out your cutting board and a knife. Although it will take longer to chop up your ingredients, the extra effort will make your salsa taste even better!

The best part about garden recipes is that you can adjust the recipe however you would like! The tomatoes can be replaced with tomatillos (or add both) and you can use any hot pepper you want (or if spicy isn’t your thing, use bell peppers instead). If you have other vegetables in your garden, you can even add them in for more variety!

I hope everyone is enjoying the harvest season! What are your favourite garden snacks?


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