The Chickens are here!

Our chickens arrived last week! Liam has enjoyed going to visit his grandparents almost every day for the last week as he gets to play with chickens.

We finished the coop and run just in time for some of the new tenants to move in. The build was designed for 12 hens and the first seven hens have arrived. The coop will get a coat of paint sometime soon and the run may get expanded in the future, but for now, it is secure and working well.

Our flock currently consists of six black and one lavender orpington hens. The plan is to get five more hens in September to fill up the rest of the space. Only the lavender is old enough to lay eggs, but hopefully we will see eggs from all the hens before winter.

It is our first time with chickens so if you have any chicken tips you want to share, please do!

Thanks again for joining us on this journey!


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