The Hard Things and Exciting News

Today has been a bit more of a reality check for us as we are reminded that we are not in control.

This month, we are learning that although we have the privilege to work with nature in order to produce food for ourselves, nature also requires some food back.

Over the last few weeks, we have had deer eating many of tops off our tomatoes and beets. Thankfully, the damage did not kill all of the plants but rather just set back our harvest on some plants. But it is still disappointing each time we see a crop cut back.

Yesterday, the dog made it into the chicken coop. We lost two of the seven chickens and are now watching to see if we lose one more. This hits especially hard as these hens haven’t even begun laying so there has been no return yet.

My first reaction was obviously frustration. Frustration at the loss of the birds, the loss of money spent on the birds, the effort spent building the shelter that proved not to be enough to protect these hens.

But, as I continue to think on the situation, I have realized that this is a reminder of the power that we are working with. We are working with a well established, cyclic system that provides generously for us but it would be arrogant to think we get to take but never give back to this system.

And that is a part of this journey – being humbled as we learn that we are not always in control.

On a brighter note, we were invited to join our first farmer’s market this week at the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm! So come on out on Wednesday afternoon to get your hands on some garden snacks, carved spoons, and even honey from our hives!

As always, thanks for joining us on our journey to learn how to homestead!


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