The Red Tree Workshop

As the winter has carried on and the gardens are taking the time to rest, I have been focusing on a different set of skills. Over the last couple of years, I have discovered a passion for woodworking and I have been starting from the ground up to develop and hone this set of skills.

This new avenue is interesting as it brings me full circle to the point where I began the change from not knowing how to use tools and wanting to be a city boy to where we are today.

Woodworking has done two things for me. First, it has given me a hobby that is able to pay for itself (which is good as I tend to overspend on my hobbies…oops). It was a hard hobby to get into as in order to make accurate cuts or achieve smooth surfaces, I had to purchase a few larger tools. But I bought them and then started making items…and most items have sold before they were even finished!

But more important than money, it has become a creative outlet for a not so creative fellow. I am constantly amazed by the various grains and colours of different woods – have you seen the purple hue in purpleheart?! The only limitation on what I can make is time. But even if it takes a year to make a project, I still made it. This winter, I have been able to produce Christmas gifts for a number of people including D&D accessories, cutting boards, and of course some hand carved spoons!

If you want to follow along with me as I continue to learn and make stuff, check out my Instagram page.


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