How to Grow Sprouts

With the harvest season slowing down, it is time to find another way to get our fresh greens. Sprouts are a nutrient packed option! It is said that sprouts help with digestion and help to strengthen your immune system.

Sprouts are very young plants. At this stage, the seed has germinated and the plant has grown up to 1 1/2 inches. My favourite sprouts so far are alfalfa and mung beans.

I use alfalfa sprouts in sandwiches and with my breakfast most mornings. As for the bean sprouts, they are a favourite component of stir fries in our house. And they are both easy to grow! All you need to grow your own sprouts is a jar, a lid that allows air to pass (such as a mesh sprouting lid), and your seeds!

Recently, I have been using Mumm’s seeds which are available at most seed suppliers as well as on Amazon. The process to grow sprouts is incredibly easy and your sprouts will be ready to enjoy within a week.

Here’s how you can grow your own fresh sprouts:

  1. Soak your seeds in your jar for 6-12 hours (time depends on the type of seeds being used);
  2. Drain the jar and leave it on the counter for about a week. Each day, add just enough water to the jar to cover your sprouts and then drain the jar; and finally
  3. Once your sprouts are at the desired size, eat them!

It really is that simple. Ten seconds of care each day and you can enjoy your own sprouts at less than 10% of the cost compared to buying them at the supermarket!

Winter hinders our ability to grow outdoors but that just means it is time to get creative! Which sprouts are your favourite?


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