The Red Tree Homestead’s Big Announcement

This year marks a big shift for our family at RTH. This time last year, we were working hard on our gardens, preparing for our first chickens, and getting ready for the farmer’s market.

But 2021 is bringing a different type of excitement…we are moving! We have to decided that we want to take our urban homestead and make it into a lifestyle that will be able to support our family.

This doesn’t mean we are quitting our jobs and going to only work on the homestead but it is meaning a career change for Matt.

We are currently searching for a property in the Fredericton area which will allow us to continue developing a lifestyle that focuses on three things:

  1. Building our family through the development of slow and intentional living practices;
  2. Building our connection to the natural world around us; and
  3. Building a community of like minded individuals that want to learn and practice intentional living.

We are very excited (and anxious) about what this next chapter holds! Stay tuned in the coming months for stories as we set up our homestead in New Brunswick! Until then, here are some highlights from our homestead journey in Nova Scotia!

Thanks for being part of our community!


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