The Red Tree Has A New Home

If you read the last post, you already know that we had begun searching for our new location.

Well, we got the keys!

We have moved from Nova Scotia to the outskirts of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Our new property has 12 acres of potential and we are so excited to get to work! The property has a beautiful house and a large garage for the workshop and soap making! The grounds have cleared field that could be used for gardens or pasture as well as several acres of woods to explore.

There are so many possibilities for this space and we are excited to explore them.

Although we are excited, I think Macy is ecstatic to have this much space to be herself. For anyone who has watched The Biggest Little Farm on Netflix (and I recomend you do!), we have often joked about how Macy is our Todd. Well, she now has her space to run and bark!

Over the next five years or so, we hope to have the garden, bee yard, and some animals established on the property. So there is lots to come!

Follow along with our exploits here on the blog or check out our Instagram @theredtreehomestead


One thought on “The Red Tree Has A New Home

  1. This is wonderful. Looks like a plantation. Beautiful.
    The kids will have such a great childhood, filled with adventures.
    God bless the land and make it fruitful and God bless your family with good health.
    Looking forward to your next blog. And, I did see that movie.


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